Grow with Peter Rabbit

To mark 120 Years of Mischief, we've teamed up with pioneering garden designers Grow2Know so your little bunny can grow, learn and play with Peter Rabbit.

This year marks the 120th birthday of Peter Rabbit. To celebrate, we've launched our special Grow with Peter Rabbit campaign.

We have teamed up with Tayshan Hayden-Smith - founder of Grow2Know - to bring you four how-to videos to get you growing at home, no matter how much or little space you have!

Check out our how-to videos below and don't forget to use the #GrowwithPeterRabbit to show us how you're getting on.

Grow with Peter Rabbit

A Planter for Peter

Learn how to upcycle a wooden crate to use as a planter.

Click here to download our A Planter for Peter activity sheet

Grow with Peter Rabbit

Mrs. Tiggy-winkle's Hanging Baskets

Learn how to upcycle a colander to use as a hanging basket.

Click here to download our Mrs Tiggy-winke's Hanging Baskets activity sheet

Grow with Peter Rabbit

Mr. McGregor's Pots

Learn how to create a vertical garden with recycled pots and cans.

Click here to download our Mr. McGregor's Pots activity sheet

Grow with Peter Rabbit

Squirrel Nutkins' Cuttings

Learn how to grow plants from root vegetables.

Click here to download our Squirrel Nutkins' Cuttings activity sheet

To celebrate 120 years of Peter Rabbit and the legacy of Beatrix Potter, we created a Peter Rabbit garden for the community of North Kensington in partnership with Grow to Know. This gorgeous space encourages little bunnies to grow, learn and play in nature.

Built on an disused plot in the grounds of St. Clement & St. James Primary school, this gorgeous garden takes inspiration from the adventures of Peter Rabbit and his friends. A special thanks goes out to the many supporters of the project - you can find out a bit more information about them here. The World of Peter Rabbit would also like to extend a special thanks to Grow2Know and St Clement and St James Primary School.